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Lee Boulton<br>(Trainee)
Lee Boulton

Hi, my name is Lee.  I’m a mother to three fantastic teenagers and wife to James.  I love animals and wouldn’t want my home to be without our furry friends.  I was born and brought up in British Columbia, Canada and my family still live there.  England has been my home for over 30 years so I consider both Canada and England to be home.  I enjoy spending time with family and friends, listening to live music, reading and spending time in my garden.  To be able to do all, or at least most, all together, makes the most enjoyable day.
My journey with homeopathy began way back in 1998, my eyelids had become very inflamed, sore and weepy.  I went to see my GP who said that I was allergic to something and I should work out what it was and stop using it.  I explained that I hadn’t been using or doing anything different but he was adamant I was having an allergic reaction and there was nothing he could do for me.  I went home quite upset as I didn’t believe I was having an allergic reaction and my eyes were very sore, uncomfortable and unsightly.  James contacted a local complementary therapy clinic and booked me to see a homeopath.  I had never heard of homeopathy before but was happy to give it a go.  The homeopath asked me if anything has changed in my life recently, had I had any upsets or was I feeling stressed?  The only thing that I could think of was that James and I had gotten engaged 5 months before and were planning our wedding for the following summer.  The homeopath gave me a remedy and asked me to come back the following week.  I went back the next week to report that my eyes were the same.  He gave me another remedy and asked me again to come back the following week.  Again, I returned to report there had been no change.  He gave me another remedy and asked me to come back the next week.  On my next visit I was able to tell the homeopath that my eyes were completely better.  We were both very pleased with the results and he sent me on my way with no further treatment and I didn’t think about homeopathy again, well, at least not for another 6 years.
Jump ahead 6 years, I’m married with two children and thinking about a third when my eyelids become inflamed, sore and weepy again.  I contacted the complementary therapy clinic to make an appointment.  The homeopath I had previously seen was no longer there but they had a new homeopath who I made an appointment with.  This time when she asked what was happening in my life when my eyes flared up, I thought, where do I start?  Mum to two young children, long term grief after my mom’s passing, a miscarriage and mild depression.  I saw great results after the first appointment.  On my return appointment the homeopath educated me a little about homeopathy and explained other ways it could help me and my family.  I continued to see her for further treatment for myself and the kids and I started to read and learn about homeopathy. 

A friend gave me a homeopathy home prescribing book for my birthday and James enrolled me onto an introductory to homeopathy course.  The course was brief but I enjoyed it so I decided to take up a foundation course in homeopathy, with the goal of being able to treat family and maybe some friends on a basic level.  When I completed the foundation course, I felt I wasn’t finished on this path. After much thought, I took the leap and joined the practitioner course at The Centre for Homeopathic Education, the UKs largest homeopathy college, and here I am today, an advanced trainee homeopath, helping others on their own homeopathic journeys.