Simply Homeopathy

What is homeopathy

Homeopathy is a gentle holistic medicine that stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself using highly diluted substances.

The theory of homeopathy is simple but effective; a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person can also cure similar symptoms in a sick person.

For example. If you were to brush up against stinging nettles whilst out walking, you may come up in a blotchy, red, raised rash that is itchy and painful. There is a homeopathic remedy made from stinging nettles called Urtica Urens. This remedy is highly effective in treating hives and allergies to shellfish, cheese, strawberries, milk and insect stings that cause a rash.

Homeopathy is extremely safe and treats not just an ailment but the whole person. During treatment the complaint is looked into and also the person’s reaction to the complaint and their healthy state.

No two people are the same and no two people react the same in illness, so each person’s treatment should be individual.

Homeopathy is used worldwide by millions of people including 6 million in the UK.

People seek homeopathic treatment for a wide range of conditions.  It can be used as a stand alone medicine or alongside other treatment. Whatever your ailment, mental, emotional or physical, I’m happy to discuss it with you.

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